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Diet and exercise as one of the main ways to lose body fat

In ancient times obese people were respected and their obesity was a sign of high social status. Today, such a deviation from standards is rather considered to be negligence as to health and appearance. It does not have to be explained that overweight people often have problems with blood circulation and many other diseases. That’s […]

Effective slimming – 10 commandments on how to effectively lose weight

Effective slimming is real art. Most of us have many diets and attempts to lose weight. Even if we managed to lose weight due to limiting calories, usually kilograms lost during the diet returned. So what can you do to make weight loss long lasting? Here are the ten commandments that will make slimming more […]

How to get an ABS from your dreams?

  Effective training on the abdomen does not consist in repeating one exercise. So how to reasonably plan abdominal muscle exercises? Learn the basics, which include concentric and eccentric movements, providing the greatest belly hypertrophy. Practicing, remember that the shortest distance between the chest and the pelvis plays the key role. How to do effective […]