I’ve tried SP Primobolan, SP test enanthate, Sustanon, and test propionate. All products were clear oils, went in easy, although at times I had to use 23G needles instead of the usual 25G. Love this brand! Results are great – strength, muscle hardness, libido all improved. Affordable too, can’t go wrong.


Bought EQ at 200 / ml. I tested it with roid test and it passed. Packaging is very professional and there is on pip at all. Approaching 4th week and results are as expected.

My favorite product from SP is their Test Prop. it is very effective, clean and inexpensive. This is my #1 go to for Test and love it.


I have used SP Labs Testosterone as well as Anavar and Turanabol tabs with great success. I’d never hesitate to buy their gear and it I my go to choice for injectable test. Their SuperTest 450 is a bit harsh for my taste as the PIP feels like a damn dog bit my ass for a week after I inject, but that isn’t their fault. That is my reaction to the high benzyl alcohol content. The Cyp and Enanthate even up to 250mg is very useable with no PIP for me.